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Chinese papermaking revolution: How it’s changing the world

China is the world’s largest papermaking country.

The country has one of the world´s largest paper mills, and its papermaking is one of its most lucrative industries.

Today, it produces more than 90% of the global paper output.

But the country´s paper production is slowing, which has been a challenge for the country as it faces an economic slowdown and a lack of foreign investment.

In fact, the country has only about 1,300 paper mills and the country is one that is suffering from a paper shortage, said Zhao Xiaolu, a professor of textile and paper production at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It is difficult to get more than 200,000 paper pieces per year, which is below the world average, said Zhou Xiong, a researcher at the Institute of Chinese Textiles and Paper Industry (CITPI).

The country needs to develop a strategy to help solve the paper shortage and develop the production of high-quality paper, said Zhe Qing, the director of the China Institute of Paper Manufacturing (CIPM).

The paper shortage is especially acute in the south and east of China.

In the first six months of this year, China had about 10% of its paper production in the regions, which was only a small percentage of the total production.

“In the southern regions, we have some production, but in the west and northeast of China, it is the opposite,” Zhao said.

There are still some paper mills in the cities of Wuhan, Hubei and Guangzhou, but there is a shortage of paper in those cities.

The paper is also scarce in the villages of Shaanxi, Anhui, Henan, Jiangsu, Hainan and Fujian, where the mills are smaller and the paper production higher.

The problem is even worse in the countryside, where paper is a big commodity and not a commodity that can be exported.

Zhao said that a strategy needs to be put in place to develop the paper industry in the north of China so that it can compete with other countries.

This will be done through a comprehensive paper export strategy, said Zheng Jian, director of CIPM.

He said that the strategy will be implemented in cooperation with the China Paper Industry Association (CPIA), a trade association representing Chinese firms.

“We hope the CPIA will support this strategy,” said Zheng.

The CPIA is currently holding two public workshops on the paper export plan.

Zheng said the CPI would present a proposal for a paper export policy in November and a paper import policy in May.

The plan has been submitted to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which will decide on the plan in March.

Zheng and Zhao said the plan should be approved by the Chinese Government, which will make the policy a law.

They also said that other Chinese companies have already started developing paper products.

“China has a lot of problems with paper.

Its paper production was at the lowest in history, so we need to invest more in paper production,” said Zhen.

“If we do not get a strong policy, we will be left with only paper products,” said Zhao. 

In an interview with The Associated Press, the paper manufacturer said that China needs to focus on expanding its paper industries to be able to produce high-grade paper at reasonable prices.

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