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Papermaking: Additives for Papermaking

Papermaking: Additives for Papermaking

Additives to papermaking: These ingredients are commonly used in papermaking.


Paper glue, such as epoxy or silicon dioxide.

It is an adhesive that holds the paper together.

When used in the papermaking process, the glue can hold a paper up to 10 times its original thickness.


Polyethylene glycol (PEG).

This is an oil-based glue that can be applied to paper to improve its strength.

It has been used for decades as a stabilizer for paper.


Paints, such the red pigment in paper.

The red pigment helps the paper adhere better to paper.


Acrylic acid (AA).

This substance is used to help glue the paper to the surface.

It also helps to bond the paper’s surface to the paper.



This substance can be used to remove the excess glue that forms when paper is being made.

It can also be used as a lubricant to help hold the glue in place.


Vinyl acetate (VA).

This soft adhesive is often used as glue in the glue factory, where it is used as an adhesive for paper to hold the paper in place and protect the paper from air.


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

This material is often a filler for paper, and it has also been used to glue paper.


Vinyl-coated polyethylene (TCPE).

This polymer is used for the surface of paper to help it adhere better.


Acute carbon monoxide (ACO).

This gas is often mixed into a paper with paper and used as the glue for paper making.


Nitrile glycol.

This is a glue used for paper and paperboard to help the paper stick together and make it more durable.


Vinyl chloride (VCl).

This chemical is used in many other applications, including the adhesive used for a lot of household items, such clothes, towels, and mattresses.

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