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How to turn a regular paper into a hand papermaker’s masterpiece

How to turn a regular paper into a hand papermaker’s masterpiece

Hand papermaking can be tricky, and many people can’t do it.

So how to turn one regular paper, which is used for many paper products, into a beautifully hand-painted and hand-stamped canvas?

Here are some basic steps.

Step 1.

Clean up and cleanse the paperYou should always clean up and sanitize the paper before painting, especially with heavy brushes.

A paper towel should be used to remove the excess paper and any dust.

Also, the paper should be dry before using it.

Step 2.

Start painting with paintThe first step is to start painting with paints.

Some people start with acrylic paint.

You can paint on all sides, but you should start with the center.

Step 3.

Paint the centerFirst, paint the center of the canvas with a lighter brush.

Paint on a solid white border and then add some black paint, black brush, and a lighter colored brush to the same area.

Step 4.

Apply the black paintStep 4a.

Apply black paint to the top layer of the paintingStep 4b.

Apply some black to the corners of the middle layerStep 4c.

Apply a black brush to add some contrast to the white layerStep 5.

Add more black to fill in the cornersStep 6.

Apply more black on the top of the paintStep 7.

Apply another black brushStep 8.

Add a third black brush and paint over the topStep 9.

Paint in the black and add a fourth black brush (the one in the middle)Step 10.

Add some white and add some redStep 11.

Add black to create a gradientStep 12.

Add red to add a touch of dramaStep 13.

Apply red paint to create the backgroundStep 14.

Add white to create an accentStep 15.

Add yellow to create stripesStep 16.

Apply white paint to add depthStep 17.

Add purple to add sparkleStep 18.

Add pink to add shimmerStep 19.

Add blue to add shineStep 20.

Add brown to add dramaStep 21.

Add green to add warmthStep 22.

Add cyan to add detailStep 23.

Add orange to add brightnessStep 24.

Add teal to add color, depth, and sparkleTo create the sparkle, add a bit of black, a little black, and then a bit more of yellow.

Add an extra dash of white on top to create that pop.

To add a little of depth, add more black, then more of a light color.

To make it a little more dramatic, add some white, a bit black, an extra bit of red, and some yellow.

Step 25.

Add the black brushFinally, add the black, yellow, and orange brushes to make the paper look like a hand-painting masterpiece.

Step 26.

Paint all of the edges and add highlightsStep 27.

Paint with a watercolor brushStep 28.

Add shadowsStep 29.

Paint as a backdropStep 30.

Finish off with the final brushStep 31.

Paint a picture

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