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Ellis Bentley Papermaker – A post shared by kenneth cary (@kennethcary) December 6, 2018

Ellis Bentley Papermaker – A post shared by kenneth cary (@kennethcary) December 6, 2018

A post by keneth caries, creator of the Ellis Bentleys post on the subreddit, has now been deleted.

The post had been up for several days on Reddit, but was deleted on Tuesday.

“I know I am not the only one that feels this way, I would like to think that I am,” the post read.

“I have been the victim of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, and I have also had people tell me they are afraid to come forward.”

Cary’s post, which he had shared on Instagram on Wednesday, was titled ‘My journey through abuse’.

“My journey is one of the greatest accomplishments I have ever had, and in a way, it is my most difficult,” he said.

“It is the one thing I have not done, and the only thing that I can’t do for anyone, and that is to come out.”

Caries also detailed how he dealt with being sexually assaulted as a child, and how he came to be able to come to terms with his sexuality.

“My dad molested me,” he wrote.

“He was in my class, and one day, he put his hands up my skirt, and grabbed my crotch.

He pushed my legs apart, and made me cry for hours, telling me how horrible I looked.

He told me that I should never date a man like him.

And when I told him, he said that he would never stop molesting me, and he would not tell anyone about it, because he didn’t want me to be gay.

I told my mom what he said, and she said that I was crazy, that I shouldn’t even talk about it.

And I was right.”

CategoriesEllis bentleys post title  Ellis bendingley papermaking post shared with reddit article “And my mom, who was a virgin, came home one day and found that my dad had raped me, because I had told my mother about what he had done to me.

And she went to the police, and my dad was arrested.

He was sentenced to life in prison.

I am still not allowed to have any contact with my mom.

I live with my grandma.”

Cities in California have seen a rise in the number of cases of sexual assault and harassment against women, particularly women of colour, in recent months.

“It’s a horrible, horrible thing to see women and girls being harassed in our communities, and we’re in this situation where we’re still trying to figure out how to deal with it,” Cary said.

“And I think the thing that is going to be really exciting is that the internet is going, ‘Why don’t we make this better?

Why don’t you start a feminist group?’

I think that is something that people are going to really embrace.

I hope that the whole world can be a better place for women and for girls.”

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