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Barba Bradley says she is a “perfect” designer, says she’s happy to be working with activated carbon

Barba Bradley says she is a “perfect” designer, says she’s happy to be working with activated carbon

Posted September 15, 2018 12:21:25 Barba Bradley is an Australian artist who has a passion for activated carbon paper and a love of making shirts and other apparel.

The 29-year-old said she was excited to be asked to contribute to the inaugural season of her company, Barba Bricks, which focuses on papermaking.

“I have never really been into making stuff for myself, so it’s kind of a natural progression for me,” Ms Bradley said.

“For me, papermaking is a bit of a pastime, I guess.”

So if you get a chance to be a part of something like this, I think it’s a really cool way to get involved.

“The concept of Barba’s first clothing line was born when she realised she had a love for papermaking and felt it was something she wanted to try.”

When I first started thinking about this, [my father] told me about a company called Trampoline, and he said they had this company that was doing papermaking for people, and I was like ‘this sounds really fun’.

“She was inspired by Trampoli’s business model, where customers would sign up to help make the products they wanted, and in return would receive a free piece of paper made by the company.”

The concept behind the company was really simple,” Ms Bradleys sister Barbara Bradleys said.”[They] are a company that creates all the paper that they need, and they sell it to customers and that’s how they make their income.

“Barba Browsing the marketThe first products the company produces are hand-picked, and come in a range of styles.

Ms Bradley is a huge fan of her dad’s work, and wanted to create a line that would appeal to her father’s tastes.”

He always liked to make shirts, so when I heard about Trampolines, I was very excited,” Ms Bradys said.

Ms Bradley said she found the company appealing because it was different to other products on the market.”

They are actually hand-made and they don’t have any labels on them,” Ms Bricks said.

The company’s website describes itself as a “product of the creative process”.”

When you shop online, you can actually see the paper on the screen, so you can see how it’s being made,” Ms Barrys said, adding that the company’s line also included items from other businesses.”

It’s definitely an interesting place to be,” Ms Barbs said.

A range of products will be available for purchase on the company website, including items like shirts, accessories, and even the latest in eco-friendly clothing.”

We’re really excited to do this, and hopefully people will enjoy it as much as we do,” Ms Briges said.

She said the line would be able to offer customers a wide range of options.”

There’s different sizes, different fabrics, different finishes, so we’re hoping people will come in and say ‘hey, I want a shirt that is going to be made from recycled material’,” Ms Brigas said.

Barba Brads’ products have already garnered positive reviews on social media, and customers are loving the range.”

Really happy with my first order, and the customer service is awesome,” one customer wrote on the Barbabrads Facebook page.”

Thank you so much for the amazing product, great service and a great price,” Ms Campbell wrote.

Ms Brads said the experience was very much like the time she got her first job in business school.”

People are so passionate about what they do and they’re very good at sharing that passion with the customers,” she said.

Mr Bradley said he was excited about the new venture, and felt BarbaBricks was the perfect company to help support the industry.”

As an artist, it’s not my field, so I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in that, but to be able contribute to something like that, I’m really honoured to be part of it,” he said.


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