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The future of Australian papermakers may be paper, not ink

The future of Australian papermakers may be paper, not ink

Papermakers may soon be out of a job and into a new one.

While the industry is reeling from the decline of the traditional industry, the future is paper.

The Australian Paper Industry Association (APIA) has published a report that says the paper industry will lose $2 billion by 2027 as the global economy struggles to recover from the pandemic.

“The world is facing a global pandemic, and paper is the only sector that is immune to the impact of that,” APIA president Richard Williams said.

“But paper is not the only industry that’s at risk.”

The report warns that Australia’s papermakers could suffer “disruption and cost”, with the loss of millions of jobs.

APIA chief executive David Leck said it was “too early to know” how many jobs could be lost in the industry.

“It’s not like we’re going to have to rebuild the industry,” Mr Leck told the ABC.

“We’re just not going to do it.”

APIA says the loss in jobs will be “significant”, and that some jobs could remain in the sector for decades.

Mr Lechons report warns of the potential for the industry to lose hundreds of thousands of jobs over the next five years, and warns that the cost of the pandemics rise will be passed on to customers.

Mr Williams said he was “confident” the industry would survive and that he was not “sceptical” that many jobs would be lost.

“What we’re doing is making sure that we’re investing our money in the right direction,” he said.

APIAs annual report also says papermaking will suffer “significant disruption” with the rise in digital technologies, but warns that digital technology will be replaced by a “paper based economy”.

The report predicts that digital technologies will replace papermaking by 2040.

“Paper is the industry that will be the least affected by the digital economy,” Mr Williams told the media.

“There are a lot of people out there that will lose their jobs.”

Mr Lecks report comes as the APIA warns that a new generation of printers will be needed in Australia to meet the demand for the paper that’s expected to be printed over the coming decades.

APIANA president Richard Leck says the industry will suffer from disruption, with the cost passed on.

Photo: APIANAHouse, APIANAA.org Mr Lecco said that the APIANAs annual conference in Melbourne was expected to attract about 400 people.

APIEA’s chief executive is not sure when the next conference will be held.

Mr Lek said he hoped to announce “something in the next three months”.

The APIA’s annual conference was originally planned to take place in April this year.

It was delayed for three months after a man attacked APIA headquarters in the city of Perth in September.

Mr Lewis said the attack was not the first time the organisation had had to cancel conferences.

He said APIA would not have changed the date because of the attack.

“This is just the first of many events that are planned for the next few years,” Mr Lewis told the Australian.

“I think we will be able to cope with the pandemia and the economic impact and the disruption that will have on APIA.”

Mr Williams has said that Australia would be “at a turning point” in the global papermaking industry as a result of the global pandemic.

APIOI chief executive Peter Lewis says that APIA was not planning to cancel its annual conference.

Photo:”APIA is in the process of preparing for the eventuality of a pandemic,” Mr Lee said.

Photo”We want to build a world-class, internationally recognised industry that works in an innovative way.”

APIANAP CEO Peter Lewis said API’s annual convention would be a “world-class event”.

Photo”APIA was in the midst of planning for the global conference that is expected to take a lot longer than expected,” Mr Levy said.

The APIAN, APIA and APIAAs annual conferences will take place at a hotel near the University of Western Australia campus.

The conference will also take place on the University campus.

Mr Levy was unable to say how many attendees APIA hoped to attract at the conference.

APIES annual conference will take a different venue, which has been booked out, and will be attended by some 300 people.

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