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How to wear a suit with a ‘sleeved in’ pattern

How to wear a suit with a ‘sleeved in’ pattern

It’s the way of the world, according to the fashion industry, but what if the style was actually a product of the human body?

That’s the aim of a new study by researchers at the University of Tasmania, which suggests that wearing a suit or a shirt with a pleated collar, and even a pleating of the jacket, can create an illusion of a pleat.

“What we’ve found is that people who wear a pleats look more like they’re wearing a shirt or a suit,” Dr Peter D’Agostino, the study’s senior author and an associate professor of fashion design at the university, told the ABC.

“They actually look like they’ve got a pleate on top of the shirt.”

Dr D’Anastasia Pessina, a fashion expert from the University at Buffalo, New York, agreed that the study was important, but not a direct answer to the question.

“I would be interested in looking at that and seeing if it could actually be true,” Dr Pessinas said.

‘Sleeved-in’ pleating Dr Dang said that the pleating on a shirt, which can be made to look pleated, was common in American clothing. “

But for people who have to wear suits and shirts in a lot of situations, I would definitely say that that’s a good thing.”

‘Sleeved-in’ pleating Dr Dang said that the pleating on a shirt, which can be made to look pleated, was common in American clothing.

“A lot of times in American suits, the pleats are a little longer than a button,” Dr Dancin said.

The pleats “were designed to be able to keep the shirt from being pulled away from the body,” Dr Dan Dancini, an associate Professor of Fashion Design at the College of Design at Syracuse University, told ABC News.

“So they’re designed to prevent the shirt being pulled, and to provide a sort of natural extension of the fabric.”

The pleating can be added to the front or back of the clothing, or added to either side of the front of a shirt.

Dr Dannini added that there were “some other variations” in how the pleated pleats were applied, such as a “sleeves-in” effect.

“The pleats can be applied on either side or on either the front and back, depending on the style,” Dr. Dancino said.

While this pleating effect was found to be “common” among American men, Dr Danchini said it was “unusual” in women.

Dr Pescino, from Syracuse University’s department of fashion, said the pleat effect was common to women’s clothing, with the majority of women wearing them.

“Men, on the other hand, tend to have a more relaxed look to their suit and shirts,” she said.

Dr Dan Pescini said the study showed that pleating a shirt was “common”, and that it was an “act of fashion”.

“It’s something that’s just been around for a long time,” Dr Ben Pescina, an assistant professor of psychology at the school, told The ABC.

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