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‘Hand Made Paper’ newsletter: Alum in Papermaking newsletter

‘Hand Made Paper’ newsletter: Alum in Papermaking newsletter

The hand made print newsletter that will be distributed by the University of Illinois, the American Association of Papermakers and the Chicago Tribune will be the first newsletter to feature the work of alumnae.

It will feature the stories of students and alumnaes, as well as alumna interviews and the stories behind each individual alumna.

“We wanted to be able to share some of the stories that we’re seeing in our alumni and the alumna communities, because we know that we are a place where people from all walks of life are working together to make their mark on the paper,” said David Buell, president and chief executive officer of the University, who is also the president of the Chicago University Alumni Association.

The paper made paper newsletter will be published by the Alumni Newsroom of the Illinois State Press.

The alumna in print newsletter will focus on the work and impact of alum, and will be curated by the Chicago Alumni Newspaper Association.

“The Chicago Alum is the nation’s largest alumna network, with over 3,400 alumna, and is a leader in the industry,” said Alumni President, David Bucell.

“This is an exciting time for alumna as we get ready to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2018.

We want to share the stories, perspectives, and stories behind our alumni, and we are excited to share with the community how this alumna’s story is inspiring us and our community.”

For more information about the hand made pulp newsletter, visit handmadepaper.com or call 618.224.8867.

The Tribune also released the handmade paper newsletter today.

In a news release, the paper said: “With a goal of creating a more inclusive community and welcoming all of our readers, the Tribune has launched a hand-made papermaking magazine.

The hand-crafted papermaking monthly newsletter will provide readers with a unique look at the careers of the paper makers and alumn in Chicago, including stories of their alumna colleagues, alumna alumni and students, alum and alum student internships, and alum alumna internships.”

The paper will be available online at the Chicago Public Library at lpdl.org or in print at the paper, cbschicago.com.

The Illinois State Newsroom is a digital newsroom of The Illinois Association of State Press Publishers and the Illinois Press Association.

For more news about Illinois State, visit lsa.org.

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